Our Services

Rutgers University Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships is here to help students, faculty, staff and other Rutgers community members interested in living off campus by providing online resources and educational programming. We provide tips and information about off-campus living including understanding leases, security deposits, and rental responsibilities.

Online Rental Listing Directory

Rutgers University Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships provides an online listing of rental properties submitted by local, private landlords and apartment complexes. This resource is helpful for tenants searching for off-campus housing to connect with landlords who are interested in renting their residences to the Rutgers community. Listings for roommates are also available in the online listing.

Search or create a listing here.

Educational Resources

Our site provides information and resources to help you with your off-campus living experience. We provide basic information on landlord-tenant responsibilities, cotenancy, security deposits, safety tips, utilities, and access to various municipal resources.

We also provide useful forms and checklists to help guide you through your off-campus living experience.


If you are having problems with your landlord, tenants, or cotenants, our office can provide a number of options. After discussing the matter with you, we may suggest possible solutions or refer you to local agencies for more information or help. See the Problem Resolution section for more information.