Subletting, or subleasing, is when a person who has their name on a lease with a  landlord rents (or sublets) their room or apartment to another person. The original tenant remains on the lease and continues to be responsible for all lease provisions and for the actions of her/his subletter till the end of the agreement. The sublet agreement is separate from the lease between the primary tenants and landlord.

Before subletting your rental to another person, remember to find out if the lease (and landlord) permits you to sublet. Get written permission first before trying to sublet your place.

Sublets are often available for 1 to 3 months. However, sublets can be for longer periods such as an entire semester or the entire length of the lease.

Sublet agreements are a good way to create an understanding of the responsibilities of the original tenant, the subletter, and the landlord. Expectations about rent payments, repairs/damages, and other responsibilities should be outlined. A sample sublet agreement is provided.

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