Problem Resolution

If you are having problems with your landlord, tenants, or cotenants, our office provides you with a number of options. After discussing the matter with you, we may suggest possible solutions and/or refer you to local agencies for more information or help.

Rutgers Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships Rental Unit Complaint Procedure

The Rutgers Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships has instituted a complaint procedure that is intended to:

  • maintain the high quality of our listings by not accepting advertisements from listers who violate basic ethical and legal standards;
  • stimulate the development of ethical and legal relations between tenants and landlords;
  • help both parties find solutions to problems before court action or more serious measures are pursued.

Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships maintains a public record* of housing complaints filed by tenants at the time of their occupancy who are students, faculty, or staff at Rutgers. We may assume the power to include the complaint in its public record, to deny the charged party’s listing privileges, and/or to notify appropriate enforcement agencies about the problem(s).

*The contents of the public complaint record consist of the written allegations of the tenant and the response from the landlord or his or hers representative. The presence of a complaint in the record does not imply that any of the parties involved are guilty of breaking the law, nor does it indicate that Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships has independently verified the charges made. The complaint book is available to Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and listers at the office.

If you are having a problem with your landlord and would like to file a complaint, you may do so in person at our office by appointment.

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