Parking and Transportations


Many towns require permits for street parking, especially if it is overnight. Call your city’s parking authority for more information.

Also remember to consider alternate-side of the street parking regulations, snow removal emergency routes, and other parking laws for your city.


There are many transportation options available when living off campus. Here are a few resources:

Rutgers University Department of Transportation Services

In addition to on-campus buses the Department of Transportation Services offers the New BrunsQuick Shuttle which provides transportation for the Rutgers/New Brunswick communities to parts of the College Avenue Campus, the New Brunswick Train Station, the College of Nursing/Institute for Health, parts of the Fifth and Sixth Wards of New Brunswick, and the Colony House at Buccleuch Park.

Keep Middlesex Moving
Provides information and resources for carpools, vanpools, biking and walking, and public transportation options.

NJ Transit
Find information for bus and train routes, schedules, and fare information.


The City of New Brunswick has informational resources for bikers.

Keep Middlesex Moving offers an interactive map for bikers to locate biking paths and locations for bike lockers within New Brunswick.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation provides additional resources.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Traffic Administration outlines the guidelines and safety rules regarding biking.