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To schedule an appointment with a member of our staff, please complete an Appointment Request Form.

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When to Reach Out to a Student Basic Needs Staff Member
  • You or a fellow student are having trouble fulfilling their basic requirements due to a lack of access to adequate food, secure housing, or general financial resources.
  • You or a fellow student who, although not experiencing a crisis, would still profit from more assistance and information. 
Steps That a Student Basic Needs Staff Member Could Take 
  • Arrange one-on-one meetings with students who need help with basic necessities.
  • Collaborate as required with other campus departments, including Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Student Conduct, Health Services, and Counseling Services, among others.
  • Assist students in obtaining the most ideal campus and community support services to address their specific areas of concern. 
  • Establish links to relevant on- and off-campus resources  

Request a Presentation

We would be happy to speak to your group if you would like us to visit your class, club, or department on campus or in the local area. We can customize presentations regarding our services and resources as well as strategies to assist students and the Rutgers community in accessing basic necessities. Please email us to discuss further.

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