Meal Swipe Assistance

Emergency Meal Swipes is an application-based assistance that helps students who are experiencing food insecurity and/or a student-related emergency, access several healthy and well-balanced meals offered by Rutgers University Dining Services.


  • Be a current enrolled student at Rutgers University (New Brunswick campus only)
  • Indicate a lack of regular source of sufficient nourishment
  • Not have an alternative source of meal options (i.e., all-access meal plan, 5-day meal plan, limited meal plan, or voluntary meal plan)

*Citizenship status does not affect eligibility.

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No More Hungry Knights Meal Plan Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that awards meal plans to several Rutgers students each fall and spring semesters. The scholarship supports students who struggle to afford adequate nutrition and allows them to concentrate on academic success without the worry of securing their next meal. (New Brunswick campus only)

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The application period closed on February 4, 2024. The next application period is spring 2025.